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It's Complicated

It’s Complicated…A Few More Answers to Your Questions

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As I look back over the last month and reflect on our recently-completed series at Relevant, It’s Complicated, I realize that while we answered a lot of questions about relationships, singleness, and sexuality, there are other important related topics that we just did not have time to cover. Following are links that may help you navigate some of the questions we did not have time to address during this series: Read More

Picking Up Broken Pieces

Picking Up Broken Pieces

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Last week I shared an article that introduced the difficult topic we explored today at Relevant. With abuse being so prevalent in our culture, it’s likely that you’ll encounter one or more victims if you haven’t already. However, time constraints prevented me from sharing all that I wanted to share. Below are a few of these thoughts that I hope will help you be an encouragement to someone who has been affected by abuse. Read More

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

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Over the past decade, I have sat in living rooms, offices, hospitals, and other places and watched as tears flowed from victims of physical, sexual, and domestic abuse—people of all ages, ranging from 12 to 60. What I have learned is that this junk is not only real, it is a lifelong battle for many. Read More

Life in the Margin

Life in the Margin

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Last Sunday I shared with our church my family’s guiding values. You can find them in the message notes here, along with a downloadable template to help guide you through the process of clarifying your own family values. Keeping these values as a priority can be very difficult in our chaotic culture and I often get asked how I/we as a family balance all the responsibilities that come with leading a fast growing church, parenting and homeschooling two boys, having date nights together, training and coaching other leaders and church planters, and most importantly, focusing on my walk with Jesus Christ. The answer is quite simple: Read More

My Crazy Family Blog

When Culture Shifts

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When my grandparents were growing up, a boy would get a job at some time in his adolescence, graduate high school and move out of the family home, and then get married…in that order. When I was growing up, culture was shifting—a boy would hit adolescence, date at least a few girls, hopefully finish school and maybe attend college, then at some point in the next few years settle down and get married. Today, a boy barely reaches adolescence, begins to date many girls, gets sexually involved, Read More

Should I be baptized?

Should I Be Baptized?

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Last year I had the privilege to be a part of something that brought emotion and tears to my eyes—something my family will remember for the rest of our lives. It was a milestone. It was symbolic. It was an act of obedience. It was a celebration. My oldest son, Jase, who had just turned seven at the time, decided to take his next step in following Jesus by being baptized at Relevant Church. To some, this may not be a big deal; but let me explain why it is a HUGE deal and answer any a few questions you may have.

Baptism is a BIG DEAL because… Read More



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