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Relevant Youth is for middle school and high school students.

Students gather on Sunday nights at 5pm for a monthly Youth Worship Experience (YTHxp), and for weekly Group Nights and Next Step opportunities on the other weeks. Relevant Youth is designed to help students grow their faith, their character, and their relationships by creating a safe space for students to experience Jesus and take next steps.

“So that students far from God can reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.”

YTH BeachXP – July 24–28, 2023

Cost includes registration, transportation, and all meals while at camp. Meals while traveling to and from camp, as well as spending money while at camp (for snacks, apparel, souvenirs, etc.), will be "on your own" in addition to registration.

Get ready for a memorable Relevant Youth beach blowout in sunny Panama City Beach, Florida! After your registration is submitted and your deposit confirmed, you will receive additional trip details as they become available.

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