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First Time In Relevant Kids?

When you enter the building, stop by the Relevant VIP tent outside, then head into the building to our Relevant Kids VIP Check-In. There your child will be checked in securely to Relevant Kids. Once your family is checked in, one of our volunteers will accompany you to the fun and age-appropriate environment that’s been created for your child.

As part of our commitment to the safety and security of your child, when he or she is checked in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information: parents’/guardians’ names, children’s names and birth dates, family address, contact phone number, email, and any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your child.

Pre-Register Your Child

You and your child will be given matching identification tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion of your matching identification tags, which bears a number that is matched to your portion during checkout at the end of the service. During checkout, you will return to your child’s room and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you.

After you check your child out, make sure to stop by our VIP after party for some fun surprises and to meet some of our awesome leaders to answer any questions you may have. On your way home, be sure to ask your child: “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn today?”

Never know a day…

Never know a day…

Never know a day…

Never know a day…

Never know a day…

…without knowing Jesus!

…without knowing Jesus!

…without knowing Jesus!

…without knowing Jesus!

…without knowing Jesus!

Babies: 6 weeks – 17 months

Relevant provides a clean and safe nursery for your child so that you and your family can enjoy worship services without distraction. Babies are surrounded by caring volunteers who love nurturing these little ones. When checking in your child, please bring: diaper bag, diapers, wipes, bottle or sippy cup, pacifier, extra outfit, and a soothing stuffed animal or blanket if necessary.

Toddlers Jr: 18 – 35 months

Relevant’s Toddlers Jr. environment provides a safe zone for those who may be a little unsteady on their feet. In addition to play, energetic volunteers begin introducing children to important truths from God’s Word. When checking in your child, please bring: pull-ups and wipes, and a change of clothes; sippy cups are okay, too!

Toddlers: 3 years

Using a large group/small group format that features engaging worship, multimedia, skits, and hands-on activities, dedicated volunteers teach children about Jesus on their level. Your three year-old will enjoy playing and learning about God every single week!

Preschool: 4 – 5 years (not yet in kindergarten)

Preschoolers at Relevant experience interactive lessons that reinforce important virtues from God’s word. Using a large group/small group format that features engaging worship, multimedia, skits, and hands-on activities, dedicated volunteers teach the children and prepare them to transition seamlessly to their next age-appropriate environment.

Elementary: Kindergarten – 3rd grade

Relevant Kids will likely be the most amazing part of your child’s week! Passionate leaders present an engaging large group lesson, complete with awesome worship, captivating multimedia, and live skits. This is followed by age-appropriate small group time to dig deeper into each week’s bottom line from God’s Word.

Preteen: 4th – 5th grade

Somewhere between leaving childhood behind and staring wide-eyed into the teenage years are a thousand crazy questions that preteens are asking: Where did God come from? How come I’m not perfect? Why doesn’t everyone go to heaven? When can I have a girlfriend/boyfriend? At Relevant Church, we believe preteens need the truth and we want to come alongside fourth and fifth grade students tackle the tough stuff in life, all while growing deeper in their faith.

Everyone is very friendly. My two year-old is always taken care of so well and I don't have to worry about her at all.


My granddaughter loved it!


My kids can't wait to come every week!


A Special Note

If for some reason your child were to need you during the service, your family identification code will appear on the screens in the auditorium. Should you see your code, simply exit the auditorium and look for a staff member who will direct you to your child’s room.

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