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Years ago I was listening to an interview with then first lady Laura Bush. Among the questions asked by the interviewer was one about how Mrs. Bush felt about her husband’s view on a particular topic. While I don’t recall the specific topic in question, I do remember the First Lady’s answer:

“My husband and I don’t agree on everything, but you will never know it.”

That quote made such an impression on my heart and mind, and I added it to the many lessons about marriage I’ve tried to learn through the years. Mark and I don’t always see eye-to-eye or even agree on everything, but you know what? You will never know it. It’s so important for couples to present a united front in parenting, in external relationships, in ministry, and other areas of life.  When we don’t, our enemy, Satan, is quick to use that as foothold and drive a wedge in the relationship that God brought together and made one flesh.

So what then do you do when you don’t agree with your spouse? You hash it out in private, behind closed doors, and if necessary, together seek out godly counsel. It’s not Facebook or Twitter material. If this is a struggle for you what are some ways going forward you can present a united front?

Melissa Einersen

Melissa originally hails from Washington, D.C. She is a homemaker and insurance agent who enjoys reading, gardening, shopping, the arts, and organizing things. Melissa's husband, Mark, is a pastor at Relevant. Together they like to take long walks, travel, scuba dive, and spend time with their three daughters.

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