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Our boys are ages eight and three, and sometimes they make me want to scream! I must admit that I do scream at times and wonder why God gave me not one, but two boys. Since we homeschool, Jase and Trey are at home with us throughout the day. This means that my house is messy more than I want it to be and that I clean up messes frequently.

Both of my little guys exhibit every characteristic you would associate with boys—they are loud (really loud!), they run (in my house!), they throw things (in my house!), and they get hurt and bleed (a lot!). Yet through all of the chaos, I simply love them with all that I am (on most days, that is).

One day as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across one of those quotes someone had posted on their wall. It read:

The days are long but the years are short.

Wow! The statement perfectly described my current struggle. Sometimes my days are very long and I feel like I’ve been a cook, a teacher, a nurse, a taxi driver, and a maid—all before lunch! However, my most important role will always be mom to my boys. In the midst of days that seem like they will never end, I must remember that my time at home with my boys is relatively short.

One day, when my house is clean and there aren’t really any messes to clean up, I will miss it all. I will miss the loud random screams. I will miss applying bandaids to the tiniest scratch. I will miss the sound of footsteps chasing each other. I will miss the slamming of doors for no reason. I will miss them. I will simply miss my boys being home.

My boys won’t live at home forever and I must do everything I can to point them towards Jesus every day. God gave me boys intentionally; it was no accident. Carl and I are charged with the responsibility of teaching them to be the spiritual leaders of their homes and, as their mom, I have to set an example of what a godly wife and mother should be.

So when I want to scream, I’m learning to step back and realize the gifts that God has given me. I have to embrace the long days and make the most of my time as mom! Are there ways you need to embrace the chaos and savor the moments you have as a parent? Are there ways you’ve learned to turn hectic routines into teachable moments? I’d love to hear from you.

Julie Nichols

Julie's roots are in the south Atlanta area and loves doing ministry close to where she grew up. She and Carl have two boys, Jase and Trey. Julie enjoys homeschooling her sons, shopping, traveling, and dreaming big for the kids ministry at Relevant. Julie is the Children's Director at Relevant.

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