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DAY 16

I started at Relevant back in November 2010. So much has happened on my journey I can’t share it all, but here are a few of things that have happened because of Relevant: The love I have received made me want more since I walked in the doors. Once I got involved with serving, I felt a part of something special. Then I joined a small group and my life was changed. I was with people that all wanted the same thing—to be closer to God! Not only have I learned from others, I’ve helped others with my story and my growth. Plus, my walk with the Lord is a beautiful thing and I always want more! I thought I was already a happy person, but now I have a joy that is from heaven. Since the series “Geronimo,” my journey has taken off non-stop. I’ve been a single mom for nine and a half years now and I lost my job six months ago. I felt the Holy Spirit pressing on me that I was going to start my own business (which I thought was crazy!). Then I heard in the series confirmation of what I was hearing in my heart. So, I didn’t think about it; I just trusted and the Lord literally walked me through this, step by step, and he still is, which gives me such confidence from trusting him and taking that leap of faith. (While I had people I know doubting my move, I almost couldn’t blame them. Now they are seeing it come together and are trusting in God as well.) Not only did I take a leap of faith in that area of my life, I knew with God being all over this I was going to be able to tithe joyfully. Every time he sends me work, I tithe on that job! I am so blessed that not only does my mom come to Relevant, but my daughter, her fiance and my two grandbabies get to be a part of this with me!


What bold step is God asking you to take in your life? Say Geronimo!

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