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DAY 11

My life has changed as a result of going to Relevant. Three years ago, before I started going to church with my mom, I always knew there was a God; I just didn’t know why he died for us. Before we came to Relevant, we went to another church and the preacher said things that we didn’t understand. When we came to Relevant, everything was easy to understand because of the way Carl said it and cut everything down. I now understand that there is more to Jesus and the Bible, and even church, than I ever knew before. I feel very welcomed at church and everyone is friendly. It has helped me through a lot because I can count on people to help and teach me more and more. I now read the bible every now and then, and life is great knowing Relevant is my “forever” family. We wouldn’t be here if a friend had not invited us. This is my church story.


Who are you bringing to church with you this week?

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