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Have you ever watched the viral TV show, “America’s Got Talent?” If you haven’t, you are missing out on some pretty great entertainment. People from all of the world audition in hopes that the thing they love to do will make them famous. A lot of them are horrible and get boo’d off the stage. But many of them go on to amaze the crowd and gain huge levels of fame. You may never go on a reality TV show and you may never be famous for your talents…but that OK! You’ve got more to live for than money and lights!

Jesus tells that what we do and why we do it really does matter for something more
important than money and fame in Matthew 16:25-27

Yesterday we focused on how important it is for us to spend our Time centered around God. Jesus is our example for how to do this in a world that keeps pulling us back and forth from event to event. Jesus also sets the perfect example of how to spend our Talents: those things that we are good at.

God has wired us to do certain things well. For some of you it might be athletics. For others it could be an artistic ability like painting, drawing, photography, videography, blogging, or poetry. Some others may have musical talents. Sometimes it might feel like you are good at nothing…but I promise, if you keep trying to find that thing God has wired you to do, you will find it!

Thats when it gets tough. Because our natural desire as humans is to use what we are good at to get us some popularity. As you get older, you will want to use that ability to get you some money. But Jesus tells us that if we take what we have and use it for our selves then we will somehow lose ourselves; but that if we take what we have and use it for Him then we will gain His full honor in our lives and more!

H/W Challenge

Some people are good at everything. If you are like me, you might think, sometimes, that you aren’t good at anything. But whether you can do it all or struggle to do a little, Jesus calls us to do anything and everything we are able to do…for Him. Think about what you can do well, or what you would like to learn to do well, and then do it for Jesus and not for your own gain!

Read Matthew 16:25-27 one more time and really think through how you are using the things that He has wired you to do well.


Try talking to God today without a guided prayer. Ask Him questions about your life and your abilities. If you are struggling to find what you are good at, ask Him to show you and help you (but be patient). If you know what you are good at, ask Him to help you use it for His honor and not just for your own anymore.

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Adam Thacker

Adam is passionate about loving and pursuing Jesus, his wife Brandy, and impactful opportunities. From the fall of 2014 to the summer of 2016, Adam & Brandy led the student ministry at Relevant Church, as they learned and prepared to plant a church in their home city of Roanoke, Virginia, in 2017. Adam and Brandy have one son. They also love their dog, Jersey, craft coffee, and creative traveling.

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