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Have you ever seen that old TV game show, Jeopardy? The host (Alex) will allow the players to select a category and a point value. He then asks them the corresponding question. The first contestant to push the buzzer and provide the correct answer in the form of a question wins the points!

Christian Life for 1000 please, Alex.

“The state of existence brought about by doing the right things, at the right times, for the right reasons.”


“What is…Joy?”

YES. Thats right. Joy, it is.

If we are “in” Jesus then He is able to work certain things “out” through our lives.
Good things. Not bad things.

Galatians 5:22-23


Joy is not something that we can just set our minds to and BOOM, we have it. Joy is a second generation of produce in our spiritual life. When we get certain priorities in the proper order…Joy is the result.




When we prioritize ourselves around these three focus points, joy is the natural fruit that comes forth.

If we love Jesus but we don’t love others or ourselves…a key ingredient is missing.

If we love ourselves and others but not Jesus…even the love that we do have is weak.

If we love Jesus and others but not ourselves…then we have missed the fact that Jesus loved us enough to die for us and call us to Himself!

When we love right…we get to live in Joy.

Joy sticks even when everything else is melting away. I remember about two years ago I was facing some very hard decisions. If I decided in one direction, I would lose my home, my business, my money, and a lot of fun opportunities in the process. I made that decision. I wasn’t happy about this new pain that I had to deal with as I lost things that meant a lot to me; but I did have joy.

How? I had joy through that tough time because I made that tough decision out of a priority for Jesus, the best for others, and believing that Jesus would provide the best for me.


Dig into your heart and I’ll bet you won’t have to dig very far to uncover your life’s priorities. Be honest with yourself. Are your priorities a little shallow or self-centered? Where does a proper love for Jesus, Others, and Yourself rank?


Lord, I struggle to set the right priorities in my life. I get them out of order a lot! Maybe thats why I never really have any joy and I am always out looking for something that makes me happy in the moment. Jesus give me your joy. Help me to turn to you, love you, love others, and even love my self in a healthy way. In Your name, Jesus, I ask these thing, Amen.

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Adam Thacker

Adam is passionate about loving and pursuing Jesus, his wife Brandy, and impactful opportunities. From the fall of 2014 to the summer of 2016, Adam & Brandy led the student ministry at Relevant Church, as they learned and prepared to plant a church in their home city of Roanoke, Virginia, in 2017. Adam and Brandy have one son. They also love their dog, Jersey, craft coffee, and creative traveling.

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