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This week is all about cleaning up our mind and our hearts so that we can think about ourselves, others, and (most importantly) God the right way. At Pulse this Wednesday, you will focus on how important it is to love yourself. In this week’s BSE reading plan we will walk you through some of the mind and heart ‘trash’ that could be polluting your life.

We’ve all heard it, or some variation of it…

“BOY, you ain’t goin anywhea til you TAKE DAT TRASH!
That stuff stank, and it sho-ain’t-gone take itself.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that line, I would have enough money to hire a trash man to come and pick it up for me. However, our parents are right about “DAT TRASH!”

One, you aren’t going anywhere until you deal with the trash in your life.
Two, trashy words and thoughts can stink everything up.
Three, you have to be the one to take the trash out.

So, with that being said, let’s take out some of our trash.

Tomorrow, you will learn about taking out the trashy thinking about yourself. Then on Thursday, you’ll think about cleaning up the way you think about others. Finally, on Friday, you will realize that you might have some trashy thinking about God…and you’ll be challenged to take out that filthy trash too!

H/W Challenge
In prep for the reading this week, pull out a piece of paper or a sticky note and jot down a few negative thoughts that you have about yourself. It could be about the way you look, the way you act, the way you can’t seem to break that habit, or anything. Then, make another short list of some bad things about the way you think about and view others. Wait a sec, this isn’t a list of all the things you can’t stand about your best friend (or your worse enemy). This is a list about how YOU think about them in the wrong ways! Maybe things like, unrealistic or unfair expectations you have for people, thinking about people based on the way they look or the things they own, or being unwilling to forgive those who have hurt you in some way. Finally, add to that list some things you might have wrong about God. Examples might be, He’s in control but I don’t trust Him for my future. Or, He’s out to get me for the bad things I’ve done. Or, maybe, He loves people for who they are but I don’t think He could ever really love me.


God, help me to clean up my mind and my heart this week by taking out the trashy thinking. Help me to realize trash when I see it and replace it with thoughts that are guided by You! In Jesus name, Amen.

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Adam Thacker

Adam is passionate about loving and pursuing Jesus, his wife Brandy, and impactful opportunities. From the fall of 2014 to the summer of 2016, Adam & Brandy led the student ministry at Relevant Church, as they learned and prepared to plant a church in their home city of Roanoke, Virginia, in 2017. Adam and Brandy have one son. They also love their dog, Jersey, craft coffee, and creative traveling.

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