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Your body is the place where God lives. 
How are you using God’s House?

Jesus realized that His faith could not be separated from His life. If the two were separated then one or the other would become weak and die off. He lived His whole life to honor God. That means that He believed even the body that God had blessed him with was to be used in a way that was pleasing and healthy in God’s sight.
We should follow His example in the way we treat and use our bodies.
Our world tells us its ok to hurt ourselves when we don’t feel like we measure up to someone else’s standards. We are also taught that sex and physical involvement with others is natural and should be unrestricted.
Jesus doesn’t agree and if He is our Lord then we can’t agree either.
This week we have thought about how we can honor God with our Time, our Talents, and our Treasures. Today, we hit the 4th ‘T’ which is our temple.
Our bodies are the temple (house) where God’s Spirit lives; let’s use it wisely.
Read        1 Corinthians 6:18-20
H/W Challenge
Jesus sacrificed everything for you. EVERYTHING! Including His body.
Commit your body to Jesus.
Maybe you smoke or vape. Maybe you have had sex outside of marriage. Maybe you are filling your mind with poison through the things you watch or listen to. Maybe you have harmed yourself. Promise Him that no matter what you’ve done with it in the past, that you will use it in a way that honors Him from now on.
Jesus, I commit my life and my body to you. I’ve made some mistakes. I know it won’t be easy but I am promising to use my body in a way that honors you. Please help me to remember that my body is your house. Thank you, Amen.
Adam Thacker

Adam is passionate about loving and pursuing Jesus, his wife Brandy, and impactful opportunities. From the fall of 2014 to the summer of 2016, Adam & Brandy led the student ministry at Relevant Church, as they learned and prepared to plant a church in their home city of Roanoke, Virginia, in 2017. Adam and Brandy have one son. They also love their dog, Jersey, craft coffee, and creative traveling.

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