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It’s a phrase I have heard more in the last few years than any other time in my life. “Life sucks!” the mom would say when she had to homeschool her kids. “Life sucks!” the dad would say when he was overworked and underpaid before he lost his job. “Life sucks!” is what I’ve heard multiple times after someone had stood by the graveside of a lost loved one. The truth is, sometimes life is difficult. But there is hope. Please join me at Relevant for this new series, beginning Sunday, January 9, as we talk about, “What to Do When Life Sucks”.

Get Help.

Life can be tough, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We want to help. Whatever you’re facing, we know that the first step to getting past whatever is holding you back is to reach out and talk to someone.

Get Connected.

It’s time to get connected. Relevant Church has options for you whether in-person or virtual. We’d love to see you in person! Follow the link to plan your visit.

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