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Small Group Starter Curriculum

Starting well is vital for every small group. That’s why all new Relevant groups begin the same way as a short-term, eight-week group, with the aim of continuing for the next 12 months or more:

  • Week 1 – Social
  • Weeks 2-8 – Community: Starting Well In Your Small Group (starter curriculum)

The social event, followed by this engaging series, very naturally helps people connect relationally and build a solid foundation for ongoing discipleship.

Below are links to the weekly videos and weekly readings that can be downloaded and sent to participants each week BEFORE you meet. One printed participant guide (book) should be picked up by every group leader from the small groups office and a leader’s guide is available here.

Session 1 (weekly reading)
Session 2 (weekly reading)
Session 3 (weekly reading)
Session 4 (weekly reading) (Life Map Exercise)

(NOTE: no videos for sessions 5-6; you will NOT use session 7)

Session 8 (weekly reading)