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December 7-8, at Walmart in Locust Grove

Relevant Church is partnering with Caring for a Cause (CFAC) to provide Christmas and meals for kids in need. Pastor Daniel Mead will camp in a tent, atop an elevated lift high above the Locust Grove Walmart parking lot, in hopes of raising donations for children in poverty within Henry County. Every year CFAC hosts a Christmas party for families in our area who are in situational poverty, that is, poverty resulting from circumstances such as job loss, critical illness of a child, or similar scenarios. This year CFAC is supporting more than 120 kids and their families! Relevant Church will endeavor to help them in the following ways: 

  • Provide Christmas dinner for each of the 100 families (approx. $50 per family).
  • Provide gift kits for the children ($35-$40 per child). 

How to Help

You can visit Walmart in Locust Grove, beginning at 9:00am, on Friday, December 7, and continuing for the next 48 hours or until we’ve reached our goal, to purchase a meal kit or gift kit, or make a donation. If you would like to donate now, click the “Donate Now” button.