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2016 Annual Report

Celebrating those far from God reaching their full potential in Jesus Christ.

Relevant Church is a place where it is okay to not be okay, and because of that, it’s a place where life-change takes place. Numerous people walked through Relevant's doors in 2016 only to see Jesus change their lives forever. While this annual report is full of numbers and statistics, remember that every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God!


Below is a list of incomes and allocations.





Reserves & Expansion


How funds were allocated.






Life Change
at Relevant


1,943 people have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ since 2010.

In Groups

More than 600 people are connected in small groups at Relevant.


623 people have taken their next step of water baptism since 2010.

Dream Team

More than 400 Dream Team volunteers serve weekly at Relevant.

Attendance (4th Quarter)
62% increase
Previous Attendance

2010: 219

2011: 333

2012: 417

2013: 513

2014: 599

2015: 709

Outreach & Partnerships

A snapshot of your efforts from 2016

Our Community

$92,413 was given back to this community and other outreach projects around the United States and the world last year.

Our Nation

$24,000 was given to begin new churches across our county in 2016. We will see fruits from this investment for years to come!

Lives Changed

At least 7,112 families and children were provided with either clothing and shoes, vitamin supplements, meals, clean drinking water, education, flood relief, bikes, and/or copies of the Book of Hope.