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Please read the information below carefully before signing up to audition.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Relevant Worship Team. Once you’ve read carefully the team description and requirements, submit your application. After you have auditioned, you will receive an email within two weeks letting you know your next step and whether you will continue the process.

Fill out the application
Team Description & Requirements


So that people far from God can reach their full-potential in Jesus Christ.

Team Purpose

To lead Relevant Church into an active life of worship through music and every area of influence and ministry opportunity.

Personal Life

Maintain a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a lifestyle that honors God and Relevant Church.

Responsibilities / Expectations

Sound Check/Rehearsal: Rehearsal currently takes place on Sundays at 7:00am. Band rehearsal will last approximately one hour.
Punctuality: It is the expectation of Relevant Church that you will be on time for the setups, rehearsals, and sound checks. This allows us the time we need to prepare adequately for weekend services.
Skills: All music must be learned in advance. Charts and mp3s will be available online no later than Wednesday of each week. Each musician’s responsibility is to lead by example in worship. Playing the music should be second nature. Chord charts and music stands are not permitted on stage.
Scheduling: Team members are expected to serve on scheduled dates and be on time. In the event of a schedule conflict, the band director should be notified a minimum of 48 hours in advance (except in emergency situations). Because we take seriously the responsibility of reaching people for Jesus Christ, if a person misses three (3) scheduled service opportunities in a six month period without prior notice or communication, he/she will be asked to step out of this position for a season. If the music is not committed to memory by a scheduled service time, you will be asked to sit out that service.